Providence Sports and Leadership (PSL) develops young leaders through mentorship and athletic opportunities in Providence, RI.

The program’s athletic focus is on development while creating a positive environment and experience for all participants.

In addition, PSL utilizes athletics as a way to teach life lessons within the context of a team.  The core values of the program are: Accountability, Respect, Dedication, Commitment, and Determination.

After years of providing opportunities for young men to play competitive baseball, it had become apparent that so much more was needed. Quiete frankly, there was a strong need to provide opportunities for success beyond the athletic field.  We believe strongly that when the proper support structure exists, young men from Providence can break the cycle of wasted potential and become leaders in their communities.

Student-athletes who demonstrate athletic and leadership potential are the focus of the program. Through our involvement in coaching baseball in Providence, we have been exposed to dozens of young men. Many of these individuals have outstanding athletic ability and display strong leadership potential, but because of the lack of  support, they ultimately do not succeed.  By engaging student-athletes with athletic, academic, and leadership development, the future of student-athletes from Providence is very bright.

Further, we develop leaders through the following means:

  • Social development
  • Mentoring
  • Community service and job opportunities
  • Academic support
  • College application assistance
  • College baseball recruiting assistance